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Two posts in one week!? I think I might just be over my burnt-out-from-blogging phase. This new space has really refreshed me! I don't want to jinx it, but I think Fall may have finally arrived in Florida. I sure hope these cooler temperatures last through the weekend because we're going camping! I'm way too excited about it - I'm pretty sure I was in middle school last time I went camping with my grandparents in Tennessee. This time Chris and I are going with a group of friends, not far north of Florida. I'm pretty stoked to camp near the beach. As I think about what to pack, I'm ( of course ) dreaming of what my "wishlist" bag would have in it. Not surprisingly, it would have a lot of cozy pieces. ( side note: I'm on a major neutral kick right now! anyone else? )   fall / camping wishlist  
  1. Chambray linen blanket
  2. Stretch pants
  3. Waxed canvas backpack
  4. Grey mug
  5. Lace-up boot
  6. Seed stitch shirt
  I'll be overly documenting our camping trip, I'm sure. Follow along on instagram! Have a great weekend, friends!  


  • Posted On January 17, 2015 by Angel Y.

    I’ve been begging my husband to take me camping, mainly because we’ve never been and because this time of the year is perfect here! I’d love to go camping near the beach. You have me so inspired to search for a good campground.

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