I had several comments and emails about my design process after yesterdays introduction post, so I thought I would actually show you the drawings that go on behind the scenes. Sometimes I am just sketching designs that are in my head that are not necessarily connected to a specific piece, and sometimes I am actually drawing a specific design plan for a specific piece…….and then there are times where I don’t draw it out at all and just create it based on what is in my brain. I think there is a need for all of the above…..I don’t have to draw anything if I don’t want to because my brain is wired to see it without drawing it out, and spontaneity can be fabulous…..but I think creating visual aids, reminders, and guidelines is a great way to make sure that the proper time and care are given to each design.

Some of the designs pictured here have already been executed, and have found homes…..some have yet to be completed…some are half hidden because they may or may not be in the book….hee hee!…and some may get done in the next few weeks, especially the green one with the deep “V” pattern on it…….I drew that design plan last year….and I am going to make it happen……but it may not be on a chest of drawers. We shall  see!

It is super important to me, to truly create original and creative art with my furniture pieces… I choose to look at life and the everyday for my inspiration. It’s where its at.


Barb Blair



Meet “Ruda”. This sweet little table is one that I purchased a few weeks back because I just could not resist her cuteness, her curves, and her detail that begged for some Knack affection. 
This little sweetie will not make it into the Etsy shop, but rather will be auctioned off at the upcoming Children’s Museum Chocolate Soiree coming up on March 15th. This is Knack’s third year in a row to donate a piece for the soiree, and it is always fun to come up with a whimsical little design for this event. I hope it brings in lots of monies for the hunnies!

{p.s. I forgot to mention that I had fun getting out a bunch of paint cans, and custom mixing this color! I wanted the perfect mint green to go with the colors in the paper….and I am loving how this new color turned out…and just in time for Spring! woot!}