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When you look at a Knack furniture piece, it’s important to look closely.  Take a step back, take in the whole piece.  Take a step in, take in the sweet details.  Great care is taken in our design process to enhance the beauty of the furniture’s form and to tell a complete story, from top to bottom.  Hardware, color, finish, drawers, fabric – there’s beauty in every inch.

living with :: siolella

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Siolella is a deep charcoal beauty with gold scallop detail.  Needless to say, she doesn’t need much adornment! A set of repurposed lilim coasters with a modern patterned glass will top her nicely, next to a sweet little vintage Scandinavian bird. Hang a handmade planter nearby and set a basket for storage on the lower shelf.  Siolella will sing.

Spring colors and triangles for a coffee table named “Elusine”

FrogTapebeauty frogtapebeauty2

It is definitely Spring, and I cannot even tell you how her colors have inspired this piece of furniture. The blooming trees, the green green grass, and the many flowers opening their faces to the sun have me very inspired.

Remember when I lamented a bit about the Pantone color of the year being radiant orchid? I am not a huge fan of purple in any shade…but I was determined to find a way to use it my work…and at the same time stay true to the Knack aesthetic. In this coffee table design, I use radiant orchid not once…but TWICE! Once in its original state, and then I added a little somethin’ somethin’ {white paint} to create a little lighter shade. I absolutely love the color palette of pink, orange, lavender, gold, and orchid, and this palette was completely inspired by a bouquet of Ranunculus flowers I purchased a couple weeks back.

I think it is fun, yet again, to combine the hard edges and points of the geometric triangles with the feminine and curvy lines of this sweet table. The perfect pairing if you will.

I used FrogTape® to create the custom triangle designs on top of the table, and there is a full step by step “how to” up on the FrogTape blog here! If you decide that miss Elusine needs to come live with you, she IS available for purchase at Knack! {and if you freakin’ love the dish towel hanging on the wall, {me! me!} you can get that at Knack too!} We are all about some goodness for the home around here!

Hope you enjoy!



logosmallI received compensation to complete this project for using FrogTape® products. All opinions, projects and ideas are based on my own experience.

Introductions- A mirror destined to be a cork board

I usually do not take on small projects such as this….but this fantastic mirror frame belongs to a friend….and I could n0t…would not tell her no. I have to say it was fun to take on a different project just for funsies! I love that she chose gray too….gray is good.

I will see if I can get lucky and shoot a “real” after shot once the cork has been installed for the bulletin board…but for now, isn’t this frame so pretty?! Love it!

My job is done.



Etcetera- Knack work space progress

Hello, hello! I know that I am so late getting this up today…..but sometimes you just have to go with the flow and do what you can! I have to admit that when I started photographing the work space for this post, I realized how much I still have to do in this space to get it where I want it…but for now though, I am organized, everything has its place, and I can work smoothly and efficiently on all of the projects I have going on in the studio right now. I had two pieces of furniture leave the studio today to go to their homes……and that just feels so great! Much work and progress has been accomplished in this beautiful new space, and I look forward to looking back at these photos in the months to come just to see how it evolves over time and usage.

Remember where we started?

Well, here we are now! This first photo is of the left side of the work space where I keep all of my paint, stains, glues, rollers, trays, etc. and also my big old filing cabinet that houses catalogs, business cards, stamps, papers and tidbits. The jury is still out as to what to do with the stairs, but if you go out the door there you find yourself on the little brick garden patio….so I would love to do something really inviting and fun on the stairs……but don’t want to rush it. More to come on that!

… we are moving around the room to the center {ish} part of the studio where my most valuable resources are. My fabulous utility sink {hallelujah!!} and all of my paintbrushes and tools that I use on an hourly basis. I tried to set everything up just like you would your kitchen at home…..everything easily accessible and the best use of the space as possible. I have to say I am absolutely loving the storage system from IKEA for all of my paintbrushes! Woot! I also painted and installed the shelves {which were left by the previous tenant} to house all of my crazy bits and pieces…..and then on the left you can see some of my projects awaiting their transformations….all neatly stacked and ready.

….last but not least we move into the back corner of the studio. This is the area that will probably evolve the most over time! All of my knobs are here, and I would like to create a “half skirt” of sorts for the table to hide all of the storage underneath but still keep the little mustard chest readily accessible since it houses everything under the sun like tape, rulers, drills, screws, craft knives, you name it…it’s in there! BUT….I love this little area even with it’s utility boxes and craziness because there is a window here as well and I can look out as I work and see the train as it thunders by. I re used the curtains from two studios ago as they fit perfectly for now…..until I decide I want something different! {wink!}

I love this place, and it is definitely starting to feel like home. I cannot get over the natural light in this space from the skylight and the window! All of these photos were shot with all of the lights off and doors closed……too cool! It is the small things my friends!

I hope you all enjoyed this little tour of the work area! Have a great weekend!



Found goodness- dip dyed wooden ladders

I am so excited about these ladders! These gorgeous dip dyed beauties are just the beginning of what is to come in the new Knack showroom! I think these are a perfect accessory……and play nicely with the white walls and Knack furniture. {wink!}

These ladders not only look, feel, and smell amazing…..but they are perfectly crafted and handmade in the USA! {325.00 ea.}

I could not love these any more than I already do….



Introductions – faux bois

Do you all remember this chair?

Well…..she has totally come full circle now! My buddy Dale did a bang up job on the upholstery work…..and even though the wood frame was a total bugger to paint {since it is a recliner and there were so many nooks and crannies!} I am thrilled with how she turned out! Take a look…

Isn’t she a beauty?! I hate to give her up, but her owners are ready for her to grace their space! Woot!




There is so much that I want to say, yet at the same time it is very hard to put into words all that has transpired over the past few weeks. I will try to start from the beginning and see what happens.

I think it is safe to say that for the past year I have been thinking about the next step for Knack. Where and how I want to grow my company. How big do I want to get? What really truly brings me joy? What is best for my family? At the same time, preparing for the launch of my first book and along with that, the title of “Published Author”.  So many very exciting things going on and coming up in the very near future for Knack…..things I only once dreamed of happening when I started painting furniture in my garage just a few short years ago now.

I would lay out plans in my head and on paper and made lists of pros and cons……and was very specific about what I wanted in the next step. I have a very close core group of people that I share my dreams and ideas with and I let those people in on what my little secrets were and just kept plodding along. I really, really spent a lot of time honing in on what I truly wanted based on what I enjoy and started moving in that direction. I used to think that I wanted certain things and achievements that I no longer desire….and I am so thankful for the clarity I have been given and for the path that lies ahead. For me it is more about truly loving what you do and not about anything else. I believe when you truly love what you do, you are “successful” on all levels no matter how big or small.

When I planned for Knack’s next step, I wanted a place where I could have a studio/working space in the back and a showroom/store in the front. A place where I could begin to develop my style even more, by carrying unique items for the home that come alongside and compliment my furniture designs. I wanted a place where there would be gorgeous natural light so that I could focus on my photography and styling shoots. I wanted a building with architectural character. I wanted a place that I could hold beautiful events in. I wanted a place that had a loading dock. I know this sounds crazy, but I wanted a bathroom with a shower so that on the days that I have events and don’t have time to run home and shower and change … problem! Did I mention that lighting was huge to me? I wanted great light in both the shop and the work space.

I think you will see in these pictures , that I got everything on my wishlist, to a tee…..and more! I got that bathroom with a shower..not only did I get great lighting but I also got a skylight on top of great lighting in the workspace….and as an extra bonus the building comes with a parking lot on one side and a little brick and stone garden on the other side. It is literally the stuff dreams are made of. There is not one thing about this building that is a negative… is a Godsend… is the only way to describe what has transpired with this space……and how fast it happened.

I am ready to dig in and make the space my own……freshen up the plants and beds on the outside, sweep, dust, and sparkle on the inside….and fill it to the brim with beautiful furniture and found goodness.

I decided to jump…yet again……Thank you for joining me on this journey.






Well, there certainly has been an evolution process in the design of this chair! I loved it when my client brought it to the studio looking like this:

and I used it in several shoots until it was time to tear off the upholstery and freshen up the paint job…..and then it looked like this:

tearing off the fabric and foam proved to be more monumental than I had previously thought…..but it was done, and I moved onto the painting part. {woot!} I painted the frame in a medium gray and used a small brush to add some bronze details to the trim. Then, It was time for little miss to head off to the upholstery shop, and she came back to me looking like this:

For goodness sakes she is even more of a beauty now! I want to say thank you to my client “A” for trusting me with her treasure…and for bringing this beautiful chair back to the studio so I could photograph the end result!

Meet Aletta……and believe me…she is charmed to meet you as well.