Quotage: Stop and smell the roses

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Sometimes I think being busy becomes a badge of honor…….that we wear proudly….because it makes us feel important and big. We are busy doing good things….busy doing useless things, busy doing everything…..

Here is a challenge: intentionally choose to not be busy…..but rather to stop…..sit….relax….savor…….enjoy.



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13 thoughts on “Quotage: Stop and smell the roses

  1. thanks for the reminder! heard a great quote along these lines…”busyness is the new materialism!”
    taking 2013 to learn to how to decide between good, better, and best! have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. I agree fully…why is getting burned out so noble these days? I consciously stop and slow down as much as I can…we’re all busy, but slowing down is necessary for our physical & mental health!!

  3. Wonderful, Barb. I’m embracing this perspective every day and wow…I’d forgotten how good it feels to relax and do nothing!
    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  4. So glad that you all are conscious of this issue…..and that we are all chasing after being less busy……and really savoring and enjoying life! Here is to finding and keeping balance and joy! xo