behind the scenes :: signs and signifiers


pulling the paper off of our brand new vinyl signs // fresh floral arrangement brought to us by Katelyn of ModFete // front view of the shop with our new signage // meeting folks at the Pickens flea market // Devlin and Brian of Creativebug, doing their thing // a sweet postcard drawing by Courtney Cerruti of Creativebug

Last week, a team from Creativebug was here from San Francisco to film us teaching a series of classes that will soon be available online.  We were unsure what to expect, as this is a new venture for us, but by Friday afternoon we were so sad to see them go.  The week was chock full of laughter, hard work, learning, and forging new friendships. It was an amazing opportunity, and an even more amazing encounter with creative, kind individuals that we will never forget.

This week, things are back to “normal”.  But around here, normal is never boring.  We got some new vinyl signage for our shop windows, and are painting a big canvas flag with our logo to fly outside.

We like change around here.  It means we are moving forward, and that’s a good feeling.

quotage :: the present moment



The present moment is hard to hold onto.  It’s all too easy to look back, and regret. To look forward, and wish.

But what if we lived in the moment? How much beauty would we witness that would normally pass us by? Life is full of lessons, joy, tears, smiles, tastes, and fleeting moments.

I am trying to make presence a habit. To look at my life today and count my blessings.  I encourage you to do the same – find the things in your world that you love. They are there if you look close enough.

Knack Stories :: Artemis

artemis2 artemis1 artemis3
” Barb says “live with what you love”, and I happen to think that she is pretty spot-on about that. I am very particular, to a fault, and carefully choose each piece that goes into my home, whether it’s a kitchen utensil or a piece of furniture. This piece was originally chosen because I loved its lines, and the rich color of the wood. About 6 years ago, we built a new home, and through that process, my style evolved a bit.; some old pieces had to go, and some new pieces were brought in. This chest made the cut, but it wasn’t quite the perfect fit anymore. So of course I turned to my friend, who I knew was a master at giving new life to old loves. Being an artist myself, I arrived at this project with some of my own ideas, but Barb knows furniture like no one I know, and I let her lead me through the process of this makeover. Seamlessly, both of our ideas married themselves together, and I couldn’t be more happy with the end result.
I felt like this chest, with its clean lines and flat drawer fronts, was perfectly suited for her color blocking technique, and I chose a favorite throw pillow from which to build the palette. I was also dead set on changing out the drawer pulls, and had already decided which ones to use. That’s usually a big part of Barb’s furniture makeovers, but this piece spoke differently to her, and I’m so happy with her suggestion to leave the originals. She also suggested we leave one of the drawer fronts in its original, warm wood finish that I was so drawn to when I purchased the chest. It’s unexpected and so perfect. The last part of the makeover was the casters. We both love casters on furniture, and knew replacing the original curvy feet would put the finishing touch on giving this piece a personality more aligned with my aesthetic.
I’m so proud of this piece of furniture, now a work of art. It sits in one of my favorite spots in the house, where I can see it all the time. Mostly, I’m proud that it was transformed by my friend, because I know that its makeover was more than a job to her; she puts her heart in every single brush stroke. “Artemis” is my fist Knack masterpiece, but I know for sure it’s not the last.” – Jennifer B
This was such a fun project to work on with Jennifer, and we absolutely love the way Artemis looks in her gorgeous home! You all may {or may not} remember Artemis from the book? This is how he looks there:
artemis4….so you can see , that even though Knack pieces have much personality and color, they are still so versatile and easily incorporated into multiple types of home environments. This thought process is really going to get lots of attention in Knack book 2! We are so excited to show you more of the “how” to live with what you love, and how to incorporate color and personality into every room in your home!

living with :: Philomena


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Philomena is a piece with Americana charm.  The color of a big midwestern sky, turned wooden knobs, and a strong steady spirit that seems ageless.

Americana is a concept we relate to strongly. What we do at Knack reflects the spirit of the genre – taking something broke down and wasted and, through blood, sweat, and sometimes tears, making a beautiful thing that can stand on it’s own.

So, we styled Philomena with products made or found right here in the USA.

Quotage :: Negativity is never a good idea

c5d6568bf5efb4eef087a30736b6436aimage via pinterest

Change your mind….change your world.

It’s true.

Negativity breeds discontent, disillusion, and bitterness….and it can be so easy for some to focus all of their energy on being miserable. If you are that miserable person, do some positive thinking today. Think of three things you have to be thankful for. If you know of, or are consistently around someone struggling with negativity…..don’t enable….require change.


Simple Pleasures :: Plus Signs

FrogTape1 frogtape8 frogtape9 frogtape10We have been wanting to add a little zing and bling to the doors in the shop, and so we grabbed a roll of FrogTape® and some pitch black milk paint , and in about an hour we were done!

What a difference a few well placed plus signs can make…… and how awesome is it that you can create any stencil you want using tape?! Pretty awesome indeed!

The full tutorial will be up on the FrogTape® blog today, so be sure to check it out! Get creative, and see what walls or doors you can create big impact with! We had all of these simple materials on hand, and pretty sure you all would too! Make something fun today, and enjoy the change!

Screen shot 2014-05-12 at 6.26.02 PM

behind the scenes :: process & projects

behindscenes1 behindscenes2 behindscenes3 behindscenes4 behindscenes5 behindscenes6


It’s nice to reach Friday and see all the fruits of our labors laid out in photo form.  This week has been a happy whirlwind of photoshoots, mini-projects, a trip to the flea market, spray-painting mishaps, and realizing that nothing is past saving.

Tonight is First Friday here in the Village of West Greenville, and we’ve got a couple new offerings from our very own studio.  We re-purposed our winter display to make beaded keychains, and created brightly colored candle cubes for lighting up these summer nights.

If you’re here in Greenville, I hope you’ll join us from 6 to 9 PM.

Have a beautiful and summery weekend everybody!

The “D” family :: Knack Stories

demoss7 demoss6 demoss5 “We were first introduced to Barb Blair with Knack Studios when we wanted to reuse several pieces of furniture while renovating our home.  It was an unbelievable experience.  Not only did she transform each piece of furniture into something new, but she gave each piece its own personality. So, when we decided to build a new house in Greenville, we knew that she should be a part of this one too.  We had several pieces of furniture that we loved the form and function, but not the look.  Once again, Barb to the rescue!   Almost every room has a piece that Barb painted, but the neat thing is that you would never know that because each piece is unique.  I keep telling Barb, “This is it, the last piece” but we both know that’s not true.  We can never have too much Knack in our home.” – Renee

These lovely people have become dear friends of mine, and are the most loving , giving people you will ever meet. Between their city home and mountain home, they now have 11 Knack pieces! I could not be happier about this lifelong friendship that has developed and the beautiful environments that my furniture gets to call home.

The entire interior of this home is beautiful indeed, and was designed by Marian McCreight of Marian McCreight Interiors.

Send us your Knack stories! or We want to see how you are living with what you love!

living with :: Phalidae


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You know that girl. The one in the little black dress who manages to look mysterious and classy all at once.  The girl who is feminine and rugged.  The girl in the baseball cap and high heels.  Phalidae is our version of that girl.  Cool, classic, rough around the edges, with an air of mystery.

We think Phalidae would look effortless all dressed up with a sleek bottle of perfume and a box full of hammered bronze jewelry, finished with an on-point gem shaped mirror.