meet clarabelle……

clarabelle cool shot
clarabelle before

clarabelle drawers

clarabelle/top view

dear clarabelle,
…i love you, enjoyed you, and will miss you… as you have already been lovingly snatched away from me….but I enjoyed our time immensely ….
your friend,

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25 thoughts on “meet clarabelle……

  1. No way….you did this? That is stunning and I want one like that! You are amazing:)

  2. Amazing! You are so talented.
    You did a good job. I like it so much.

  3. such a sweetie! sorry i've been mia for so long! last paper handed in–i'm back!

  4. such a sweet sweet piece! you know…i never thought about this until now…but if someone was looking for a baby name…they should check out all the beautiful names you've selected for your pieces!! love them!

  5. WOW clarabelle is absolutely splendid. i am officially envious of whoever snatched her up!

  6. LOVE! You are so talented! Did you make her for someone specific or did she just get sold as soon as you put down the paint brush?

    And…may I ask what color gray that is? I'm trying to redo a dresser for my little ballerina and if I can find the right shade of gray I'd be so happy.

  7. I love that paper! I used it for some stuff I did for my wedding! Good choice!!

  8. barb, this is the BEST piece EVA! love, love, love. was it for a client, or did it just go that fast…..?

    great job, gal…

  9. Hello Clarabelle,
    Sounds like you have settled into a new home already.
    You were too beautiful to sit alone.

  10. she is GORGEOUS! i adore everything about her. she has turns i didn't even notice until they were painted out. oh barb … you have some talent! :)

  11. omg, i wish i had met clarabelle earlier.. b/c i would have adopted her first!! whoever owns her is one lucky person!

  12. WOW!! I am smitten with all the creativity and talent you have! Clarabelle is perfect right down to her adorable name! xo

  13. you are killing me with all of your creations…clarabelle may be my new favorite…i am heading back to stare at her a bit longer. xo t

  14. Hi! I too am about to paint a piece of furniture and would love to know what color that is! xoxo

  15. Amazing what you have done to give a piece of furniture a new lease on life. It looks fantastic.