Introductions: Turquoise buffet named “Indira”

turquoise4 turquoise3 turquoise2 turquoise1

This lovely piece is heavy as a mug and full of storage. I have painted countless pieces in this style and even this color…..but I never tire of the results when using this beautiful turquoise. I chose several different knobs to go on this piece….there are many that would work….but this piece may already be headed to her forever home in MA so these knobs are the ones being considered by the client. I love the marbled wood knob with the turquoise, as it balances out the punchy color nicely. I also chose a beautiful red toile’ wallpaper for lining the drawers and think it compliments the design plan perfectly.

If for some reason this lovely lady does not head to MA….she will be available in the Knack store…..and in the online shop as well :} She won’t be with me for very long….. as there is already one person on the waiting list hoping she does not head out.

I’ll keep you posted!



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18 thoughts on “Introductions: Turquoise buffet named “Indira”

    • Martha, Thank you very much! Turquoise and red are two of my favorite colors together :} I am never disappointed! xo

  1. someday I’m makin’ it down your way to see your lovely pieces in person. this one is SUCH a beauty!! I always appreciate your eye for staging your pieces too…love the way you accessorize!

  2. So pretty Barb! That’s a beautiful piece – love the rope detail – in a lovely color! And nice touch with the lined drawers!

    • Sharon, Thank you very much! I am so glad you like it! I love that twisted rope detail down the sides as well!

  3. Thank you so much for the inpiration! I am looking into updating some old drawers where the damage isn’t a flattering kind of old antique weathered look. I think it needs a paint! Love the turqoise.

    • Belinda, You are so welcome! I am excited you’re getting ready to complete a project of your own! Wonderful!

  4. Barb, indira in Sanskrit means splendid , beautiful and another ame for godess of wealth , Lakshmi ! Truly it’s splendid. I will email you shortly some pictures of painted furniture. Some words of encouragement and advice from you helped do the thing I ever did . Thanks a ton ! Keep inspiring ! Hugs

    • Dee……that is so cool!!! I love that it means splendid! Perfect :} I am thrilled that you have been inspired to create your own work! Keep it up and I look forward to the photos!

    • Lindsey, thank you very much! Glad you think it is serene….that is so good. Sometimes this turquoise can seem overwhelming so I am glad that it is really shining for what it is! xo