Introductions: New candles, coasters, notebooks, and wooden blocks in the shop this week…….AND

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…a new furniture makeover coming later this afternoon! I know, I know….that was totally mean…..BUT, in all honesty we were painting fools last week and there are actually three pieces of furniture right on the cusp of being finished and photographed! It was one of those things where multiple processes were being completed on multiple pieces and it just made sense to wait and photograph them all at the same time. Since I have to clear the wall in the shop every time I photograph, I wanted to push through and complete as many pieces as possible and then photograph. I hope to have one of them up this afternoon…..and I broke out the turquoise again so I think you all will likey like.

I am also really excited about two new shipments of product coming in this week! I will have a fresh shipment of candles including a brand new scent….vanilla bourbon amber! It smells wonderful. I get asked all the timeĀ  “what smells so good in here?” and it makes me happy that friends are enjoying these candles and embracing them in their homes.

I am also getting in a few new coaster designs….{one of them pictured above}, DEcomposition notebooks { the “DE” is intentional…I promise}, and these fantastic little bags of blocks. Love the little wooden houses so much!

Stop by and shop this week Mon, Tues, Wed, and Fri 9 am – 2 pm ! New product will be out on Friday…..and I will see you later this afternoon for some furniture makeover time!



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2 thoughts on “Introductions: New candles, coasters, notebooks, and wooden blocks in the shop this week…….AND

    • Lindsey…..these won’t be in the etsy shop but they will be in the new Knack online shop very soon! :} Should be up in a couple weeks! xo