Introductions: Another collaboration, a side table named “Cumulonia”

Well, last week I showed you all the first piece in a new series of collaborative work that I have embarked on with local artists……and today I am showing you the second!

I worked with Annie Koelle on this piece, and when we got together for the first time to talk about the direction of our work together…… all I could think of were the beautiful landscapes that Annie is so well known for. Annie is an absolute gem, and I could not think of a more genuine, completely wonderful person to work alongside. I am being super intentional about who I choose to work with on these collaborations and am thrilled and honored that the likes of Annie Koelle would attach her work to mine.

Again, once we nailed the basic concept I did not give any direction on placement, color etc. I totally leave all of that up to the artist……and so far I have been absolutely blown away by the amazing pieces these talented creatives come up with!

My part of this piece was a bit of a challenge for me. The back of the piece had all kinds of holes drilled in it, almost like it had been used to house a small animal…..{I swear, this caused much discussion in the studio}…..and then the entire inside was covered in this lovely “cane/ wicker” contact paper. I removed the “holey” back and cut a new back. I started the removal process for the paper and …… was. on. there. for. good! I scored it and used a wallpaper removal product to no avail… I decided to just lather on some citristrip and walk away. I should have done the citristrip from the very beginning! It worked like a champ. Once the paper was removed, all the gouges filled, the wood sanded smooth and the new back in place it was time to get the base coat on and then take it to Annie.

When Annie brought this piece back to me, I just could not believe how much I loved it. My mouth fell open…..I was totally stoked that the entire front and sides were covered in her soft billowy strokes….and I secretly wish that this piece could come live with me. I mean it when I say that this piece speaks to me….{ in soft hushed tones!}

“Cumulonia” can be purchased at Knack {11 Lois Ave. Greenville, SC} or in the Knack etsy shop.



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20 thoughts on “Introductions: Another collaboration, a side table named “Cumulonia”

  1. Wonderful! My smile just kept getting bigger and bigger as I was scrolling through the photos. Truly a work of art :)

    • jen, thank you so much! I am so glad that it brought a smile to your face……and that you see art!

  2. Oh how I love the softness if this, what a beautiful piece! That is funny about all the holes in the back. I do wonder sometimes just what odd things happened with some of furniture I Redoux!

    • Karen, thanks girl! isn’t it the craziest stuff we come across?! People are funny….but it makes my “job” even more entertaining!

  3. I have similar record cabinet. What a great way for your artist to paint yours. You have answered the question: Can my cabinet be an end table for the sofa. Big YES. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • denise, Thank you so much…….although, I am no genius….the true genius behind this is miss Annie :} I am loving doing these collaborations!