Introductions: A white chest of drawers named “Gwyn”

This little beauty is a piece that I recently finished for clients getting ready to welcome their first little bundle of goodness into this world! The piece belonged to one of the grandmothers, but had been sitting in a storage shed for a while.

When I first got the email with the photographs, I had been told that it had been painted an olive green color. As you can see in the first photograph {before stripping} it actually looks like wood grain. I was a bit perplexed and so I questioned my client about it and she insisted that it was painted. Well, when the piece arrived at the studio it all made sense. The piece had been painted….. in a greenish wood grain pattern…and I have to say… was well done. I would have been fooled.

Since the client did not want any of the original olive “ish” color coming through the white when distressed, I stripped the piece to remove the painted finish. I was really surprised {again!} by the wood pattern that lay underneath all of the paint! Granted….it is a wood veneer {you can see the four panels of veneer if you look really close }, and not a solid slab of wood but still….it was pretty. I did consult with my client to see if they would like for me to leave the top raw wood and just paint the base, but they wanted to go ahead and paint the entire piece…so I obliged…..happily.

We left the original handles on this piece in order to keep a little piece of grandmom attached to the piece…..and I think they fit the look nicely. It is rare for me to champion keeping original hardware on a piece….but in this case, the decision to keep them is a good one. It warms my heart to see people make intentional and meaningful decisions.

I am happy……clients are happy.

That’s what I’m talking about.



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13 thoughts on “Introductions: A white chest of drawers named “Gwyn”

  1. Wow that insane it was originally a painted finish! I’m drawn in by the draw liners on this one. Beautiful! Love family heirloom pieces. So touching and sweet :)

    • Ollie, I know right?! The paper i used in the drawers for this one is one of my favorites and I use it sparingly….but it just worked for this one :} Thank you!

    • jenny…..thank you! I like grandmom’s hardware too….and the fact that the piece is fresh and usable again, not stuffed in a storage shed!

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  3. Barb- It looks so lovely! We are absolutely in love with the make-over and Gwyn’s new lease on life! (sure beats sitting in the shed hanging out with squirrels and spiders!) It looks fresh and lovely in the baby’s room and we can’t thank you enough for bringing out the best in ol’ Gwynnie ! (and it’s so cool to know that special wood is underneath in case we one day down the road decide to do something cool again to feature that once the drawers are not stuffed with onsie’s and diapers and itsy bitsy socks and such!) :)

    Big Fans!
    Em and Andrew

    • Em……YAY! I am so, so glad that you love it, and that it fits perfectly in the baby’s room! I am so excited for you guys as you begin this new phase of parenthood! It is such a wonderful journey!

      I enjoyed every second of this project and am honored that you would choose me to transform your treasure! :} xo