Introductions: A hutch named ” Antonia “

This lovely hutch is one that my dad scouted out and purchased for me a while back……and she has sat very patiently while I worked on “more exciting” pieces. This past week though….it was finally her turn….and I mixed up some custom milk paint and went to town.

I removed the glass doors, as I felt like they totally dated the piece, and because I wanted to open it up and make it a bit more modern. I sculpted and covered the hinge areas with wood filler max {I may have even totally bragged to my dad a bit about how awesome my sculpting job turned out!}. Wood filler max is a bit more solid and has an actual grit to it, so it works much better than regular wood filler when you have a larger area to work with…..and when you need a little “grit” for blending reasons. This is not the wood filler you would want to use for filling hardware holes… is too rough and will show in your final finish.

I wanted this piece to have a heavy “washed” look, and that  is why I chose the milk paint…but also why I finished it the way I did. I love how it turned out, and once again am never disappointed with a milk paint finish. It delivers every time.

Some of you have asked me about using a bonding agent with milk paint, and whether I personally use one….and I can honestly say that in all the years I have been painting with milk paint I have never once used a bonding agent. It is totally unnecessary in my personal opinion and cancels out the whole reason I use milk paint in the first place. I also never use anything but a sanding block when distressing milk paint, and find that using chisels and putty knives is not necessary. Milk paint distresses where it wants, leaving a more natural look than if I were to go in and start trying to force it.

This is of course….my professional opinion…..but I have worked with these paints for years and have experienced consistent and proven results along with beautiful and sought after finishes that stand behind those opinions.

If miss Antonia has stolen your heart…..she is available in the Knack Etsy shop and can be shipped nationwide…….right to your very own doorstep!



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10 thoughts on “Introductions: A hutch named ” Antonia “

  1. Hi Barb: So sorry if I’m asking this question again (I’ve asked a couple of other bloggers and can’t remember if I’ve asked you). I’ve noticed a flat shipping rate on your etsy shop for this piece. Who do you use for shipping? I’ve priced out a few items to ship to other states and WOW the cost is way too high. Thanks for the advice. By the way, what a beautiful piece!!!

    • Hey Martha, Thank you for your compliments on this piece! I appreciate it.

      As far as the shipping question goes….shipping is an integral part of my business and how I make a living with my furniture so I do not give out that business information. I am sorry about that.

  2. She is gorgeous Barb – I have a veneer secretaire desk that belonged to my grandfather which has seen better days, so it is getting a charcoal grey makeover with a pop of bright yellow inside for my 13 year old’s room. I am also doing an old school desk up for master 11 – at the moment it is candy pink but will be going natural on top with a red base…

  3. Barb, you are the BOMB! I love this piece. I’ve been following you for over 2 years and always love your knack-touch. My first big furniture makeover was inspired by you! Thanks for being awesome.

    • Rebekah! Thank you so much! How awesome is it that YOU are making over some furniture?! Woot!xo