Introductions: A collaborative chest of drawers named Helianthus

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I think you all will probably remember the collaborative piece named Cumulonia that I did with Annie Koelle? Well, we put our minds and hands to work again….but this time on a chest of drawers. Again, I gave no direction for what I wanted on the drawers…I just base coated and told Annie to go to town and do her thing that she does so well.

When Annie brought the drawers back, and we put them in the piece….I know this sounds crazy…but I literally felt the tears well up in my eyes at how beautiful this piece turned out. I am still trying to decide how I can pay Annie for her part of this piece and bring it home to live with me forever……I love it that much…..and my husband {JB} says the first time he saw this piece in person the only word he could think of was “stunning”. It really is that beautiful…and I know these pictures do it some justice…but in person it literally speaks.

She is quiet and soft, enveloping you into her beauty while at the same time commanding and intentional…….and her name is Helianthus…..because she is a wildflower in the sea of prairie grasses depicted on her drawer fronts.

She will be gone in a wink so you better act fast! Helianthus is available locally at the shop or in the Etsy shop.



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24 thoughts on “Introductions: A collaborative chest of drawers named Helianthus

  1. absolutely, positively stunning. oh girl, I tear up at good art too! I love how the Master Creator gave people such artistic talent. overwhelms me sometimes, in a good way!

    • Jennifer….absolutely nailed it on the head……the Master Creator is so amazing and the beauty that He inspires is breathtaking and tear inducing :} Thank you!

    • martha, thank you so much! I know the paper is a super interesting choice for me but it was just so right in this instance……..I agree with you completely! :}

    • Amanda….thank you, thank you so very much :} It has been so great to catch up with you! :} Looking forward to all of the good things ahead! xo

    • Sakes…….yes…I am still trying to find a way! :} It is just so wonderful…and we started on a big hutch today! :}

  2. Absolutely breathtaking. So serene and peaceful. And so inspirational that she deserves her own poem. That would be a fun contest :-)

    • Ollie. aww…thanks pal! I am really enjoying working on them and these super talented artists!

  3. I am amazed (as usual) at your ideas and I love that you are working collaboratively. I just can’t stop looking at this one…

    • Jackie, Girl….thank you so very much! I am really enjoying these collaborations! I love me some Annie! xo