Introductions: A chest of drawers named “Enfys”

This little maple chest was cute…but not very exciting………at all. I have been so busy with custom work lately that I have not had the opportunity to paint my own pieces….and so it was a real treat for me to be able to finally execute this design plan that has been in my head. I love triangles ….and I am totally digging these bright colors together. It is one of my very favorite new color combinations! {you will see more of this combo very soon in the Knack Christmas ornaments that are in production at this very moment!}

I named this lovely piece “Enfys”  which is Welsh for rainbow……and this piece reminds me of a rainbow with big white fluffy clouds. It’s how my mind works folks :}

Hope you all have a great Monday!



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20 thoughts on “Introductions: A chest of drawers named “Enfys”

    • Christina, I have a tiny bit of Welsh in my blood :} …and am very drawn to Welsh names. My daughter’s name is Brynn…..and with this piece reminding me of a rainbow….I looked up the Welsh name for rainbow and it was perfect!

  1. Adore it! So often I come across a boring piece like this on craigslist and wonder how to give it some oomph and a big makeover, this is exactly what these types need. Genius!

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