Introductions: A beautiful sideboard named “Calpurnia”

calpurnia1 calpurnia2 calpurnia3 calpurnia4 calpurnia5 calpurnia6

This lovely piece is one of those that had my heart pitter pattering from the moment she came off the truck! She is built like a house, has a massive long drawer across the top, storage drawers down the middle and cupboards on the sides. Another favorite part of this piece for me is that beautiful way she curves around the edges……soft……beautiful….perfect!

I painted Calpurnia with milk paint and then 4 coats of water based polyurethane over the top. I finished her off with toile lined drawers and distressed wooden knobs. I am thrilled with the entire design plan of this piece… came together seamlessly!

I am in love with miss Calpurnia, and she is available for purchase in the Knack store as well as in the Etsy shop !



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16 thoughts on “Introductions: A beautiful sideboard named “Calpurnia”

    • Thank you so much Susan! She does have a lot going on doesn’t she?! It all comes together and she just is so very good:}

  1. This IS beautiful. I love the way you were able to make the paint be the detail on this piece. Is this a Heywood Wakefield buffet? If so, I think you were successfully bold and daring to paint it!

    • Leslie, Thank you! This is not a Heywood Wakefield buffet to my knowledge….or at least there were no Wakefield markings on the piece. But….yes….bold is good no matter the heritage of the piece. :}

  2. Squee!!! Love love love. Those knobs are brilliant! Do I see that you painted straight over the original finish or does it just look like that because of the poly?

    • Ollie, Thank you, thank you ! Yep….the milk paint is straight over the existing finish. I divulge all of my likes and dislikes in my book and I totally discuss my love hate relationship with primer :} When I do use it and when I don’t …….which most of the time it is the latter.