Introductions: A beautiful blue girl named “eleanor”

Well…..when I said I would get this post up “later today”…….I had no idea it meant this “later”…….but today was absolutely crazy, and I have just now sat down to blog and post pictures from today :} Shawew!

Without further “ado” I would like to introduce you to “Eleanor”. Oh, hey pretty lady! Miss Eleanor is hand painted in a custom milk paint color mixed by yours truly and finished off with a flat polyurethane and some smashing knob goodness.

Miss Eleanor was available for sale this weekend at Open Studios…….and she was spotted……claimed….and is headed out the studio door tomorrow to see if she matches the paintings and the chase lounge in her new home……pretty sure she will be staying….but if not…..she will be in the etsy shop soon! I’ll keep you posted!



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24 thoughts on “Introductions: A beautiful blue girl named “eleanor”

  1. Just beautiful! I love the color! Do you have a special poly you like to use? I’ve been playing with a high performance poly that I’m liking but wondered if you had one you loved. BTW SOOOO excited you’ll be coming to sign books at the Stylish Patina Barn and I hope the Falls Church Va shop too while you are in town!

    • Kelly, Thank you! I use a few different types of poly and it just depends on the look I am going for. The polyurethanes that I like are Benjamin Moore stay clear in satin and flat….and then minwax water based polyurethane in satin finish. I always go for a more muted shine over a high shine.

      I am so excited to be coming your way and will look forward to it! woot!

  2. ummm…gorgeous! the color and those amazing knobs are divine!

    just pre-orderred my book. can hardly wait~

  3. I am loving those knobs and the way they pop with that paint! What type of milk paint is that? You said it was a ‘custom’ mix ….. but is that a possible secret that you have up your sleeve? A Knacktastic milk paint line? eheheheh

    • Lindsey, Thank you friend! The milk paint that I used on this is by Old Fashioned Milk Paint and it is a mix of Sea Green and a bunch of white :} I do not have any secrets up my sleeve….and no plans for a paint line at this point. I am always mixing colors up in here!

  4. Shut up. I mean… shut UP! This is freakin’ absolute perfection. When I opened this in my reader my jaw dropped and I literally said, “ohhhh.” Heaven. Just heaven. This is now my inspiration for my bedroom. But, like the hippie mod version. The styling is…. ummm, well, I’m dying. Serious. xoxoxxoxoxo

    • Brooke, HAHAHA! Thank you my friend! I can’t wait to see her mod hippie sister :} Woot!

  5. I think is one of my most favorite of yours yet ! Beautiful, pretty & still tough. I will watch for you to hit Kelly’s barn sale … I want a signed copy of your book :))) great job, as always!