FYI: Two of my favorite girls were born on this day…….

Today is a super special day because it is the birthday of two very special people in my life… daughter, Brynn….and my sister, Sarah. I remember when it came time to schedule the C-section for my daughter to be born, and I had a couple dates to choose from… being my sisters birthday….and my sister graciously agreed to share her birthday with Brynn.

I can’t believe that my youngest child turns 14 today….where has the time gone? She is so beautiful it hurts…..her heart is so big…..her singing starts at the crack of dawn every day and never stops, her joy is infectious, her love of animals is precious, her spirit is strong, she never meets a stranger, and she never holds back. I was so touched when I picked her up from her school trip last week, and she came running off the bus yelling “MOMMY!” and ran over to me for the biggest hug. I am so glad that she is not “to cool” to show affection in front of her peers….and the fact that in that moment she just loved with reckless abandon……like she always does. I love this kid…..forever. Happiest of birthdays to you my child…….can’t wait to celebrate you today!

……and then there is my baby sister, Sarah. I talk about her here sometimes because she has a wonderful little shop called Cranny, where she makes the prettiest things…….but more importantly because I love her so much and am so proud of her. If you do not read her blog you should start…..her photography and words are so achingly beautiful it will make you want to be a better person. The way she captures her precious boys {my fantastic nephews}, the way she chooses to live her life more abundantly, the love for her husband, the love of being a mom, being completely devoted to her children and family, her gorgeous handwriting… sister is an inspiration to me. I love you “Sakes” and hope you have a super special day! I wish we could be together today……..



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13 thoughts on “FYI: Two of my favorite girls were born on this day…….

  1. Thanks for the nudge. I have wanted your sister’s at a glance calendar for a while now…just ordered it. Merry Christmas to me:)

  2. I first found your blog because of Sarah’s, which is one of my all-time favorites!, and reading this post brought tears to my eyes. Happy birthday to both your girls!

    • Thank you Shanna! I found you through Sarah as well! :} She is our mutual connector…and I love her so! xo

  3. This is the most beautiful post… I can feel the love you have for your special daughter and special sister. Happy birthday to them both. I have to admit I wish I were a part of your family :)

    • Thank you Lynne~ I have some very special people in my life and I am so thankful for their love and beauty! Thank you for the love and wishes!

  4. This totally made me cry. I can’t believe that Brynnie is fourteen! FOURTEEN! I love you and feel so blessed and happy today. Wish we could eat a couple cupcakes together : )

    • I love you sis! I know…….the time is flying faster and faster each year it seems! I wish we could have a cupcake together too……soon! :} xo

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