FYI: The Makers Summit by Indie Craft Parade…and a ticket giveaway!

I am sure some of you have heard about The Makers Summit coming up on February 2 right here in Greenville, SC? The Makers Summit, is being produced and hosted by my friends at Indie Craft Parade. I am really excited about getting to hang out with other makers and independent business owners, listening to panel discussions, learning new things, eating food by local chefs, and lots of making and chatting with friends! What more could you ask for in an event? Here is a little bit more info:

“You’re invited to join us for The Makers Summit, a one-day business conference for the creative community, on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013 in Greenville, SC. Tickets are $100, and include breakfast, lunch, and private consultations with industry experts.

Designed to help artists and creatives found and run successful businesses, attendees will hear practical advice from industry experts, including keynote speakers from Etsy and Spoonflower. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in collective discussions. A variety of topics will be covered throughout the day including marketing, establishing a business identity, and expanding your market. Other speakers who will participate in the event include Grace Kang of Retail Recipes, Justin Gammon of Brains on Fire, Amy Flurry of Recipe for Press, and Amy Ellis of MailChimp.

After the conference, you’re invited to join us for the after-party, The Best Craft Party Ever. Enjoy a full gourmet dinner provided by some of our favorite local chefs while you create and mingle with experts and peers alike. Project stations and supplies will be provided. The craft party begins at 7 p.m., and is separate from The Makers Summit conference. Tickets for the party are $50. It’s the perfect date or night out with friends!”

I am so very excited that my dear friend Grace Kang is one of the key note speakers! Grace is a beautiful, super smart, amazing woman that I had the pleasure of “running into” about 5 years ago…..I talk about it a bit in this post……but, that divine encounter changed the course of my creative endeavors and sparked a bond and a friendship that I am blessed by and super thankful for. Grace is so inspirational…. and with her experience as a buyer, shop owner, and retail coach  you will be sure to learn much from her marketing savvy and success in the industry. I am also excited about finally getting to show Grace around our wonderful town! Grace and I have talked about a trip like this since we met….and it is finally happening! Grace will see MY shop….and what she helped inspire and motivate me to do….I am so excited….and just a little bit sweaty at the same time! :}

This event is not to be missed, and it may just be that motivational and intentional move you need to take your business to the place you want it to be! I would like to make this event happen for one person….and Indie Craft Parade has generously offered to give away one ticket to the conference! I’m talking conference….AND the craft party!! I’m dead serious…..just leave me a comment here about why you would like to attend this event, and one thing you hope to learn from it. I will pick a winner on Friday!



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26 thoughts on “FYI: The Makers Summit by Indie Craft Parade…and a ticket giveaway!

  1. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I would love to attend…I paint furniture now and would love some inspiration and advice on growing my business and creating my own brand…

  2. what an exciting event! in a creative business, it’s difficult to find your niche without stomping on other’s creative toes – something i seem to be overly conscientious of to the point that it holds me back. {i want my own thunder, not someone elses!} i would love an opportunity to hear how others found a way to become unique in their fields. and trying to create a brand identity that’s all my own seems to be a part of that difficult process. thanks barb for such a special opportunity!

  3. Honestly? The act of leaving this comment is making my pits sweat profusely, so please don’t pick me! (Just kidding…kind of). Long God Story Short, my parents and I started a business last year that ended up being a smashing success due to sites like Groopdealz and Very Jane. So much so that my dad is taking a HUGE leap of faith and is leaving his job in June. {Scary…but we all want to focus our efforts on what makes our hearts GLAD, and being creative together does that!} However, we need the knowledge in how to make a business grow and last long term without having to rely on discount sites; we have a new line of products that we are rolling out soon that are a bit more quirky and classy than what we’ve been experimenting with and might not appeal to the “masses” as much…but which are pretty darn cool. We also want to start an Etsy shop soon…so I would love to learn how to reach our target audience, and I need to step outside of my comfort zone and network with people who could really help to give us a boost. Oh, and SC in February while I’m freezing my tush off in Maine? All kinds of awesome. :)

  4. Morning,
    I would love to attend the Makers Summit! As a designer and maker for years, I am constantly re-inventing what I can offer that is unique and special. I just recently launched my website at to gain not only a web presence, but to document my progress so that I can have memory of the projects I get my hands into. Over the holidays, I began developing a line of lamps that I am super excited about but afraid to share. Living in the burbs, it’s more of a challenge to find others that have my enthusiasm for anything and everything handmade. The Makers Summit would be an amazing opportunity to connect, learn, share and be around other creatives. And, I am a big foodie! Thank you and the Indie Craft Parade for picking up the ticket for someone to go.

    Thank you,

  5. I’m just starting out, and this sounds like a great way to learn more about entrepreneurship and networking. I’d love to go with another crafty friend!

  6. The Makers Summit has been on my radar all winter and I would just love to attend. I launched Pink Dogwoods Vintage Jewelry last fall and my business has since exploded. I’m in the “where to next?” phase and would value opinions and advice from business people who have “lived” through this stage of growth. Hope to see you there! Nan

  7. I would love the opportunity to attend this summit. As I crafter I find myself doing lots of different creative things but I want to learn how to channel my creativity and form it into a business while being original. I am also a stay at home mom and funds are tight so winning a ticket would be a dream! My dream is to find my niche and to be able to create something I am passionate about while contributing some income to our family. I think this event would provide me with inspiration and direction, and that’s just what I need!! Thank you for the chance to attend!!! :)

  8. Hi Barb!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win tickets to the Maker’s Summit! In the past few years I have become so engrossed with sewing and crafting that I sit at my desk at work and long for the opportunity to escape back to my craft room and create! I would love to attend the Maker’s Summit so that I could learn more from professionals in the craft world about how they got started and how they found success so that I could apply some of their knowledge to my fledgling business. I long to one day turn my hobby in to my career, and I think the Maker’s Summit would provide me with valuable information to build my foundation.

    Thanks again!

  9. I would be so grateful to win a ticket to The Maker’s Summit. I live in a very rural place and I rarely get to connect (outside of the internet) with other artists and makers, so it would be a huge treat for me. I would love to come away with strategies on how to choose the most efficient marketing for my business since doing it all would be a full time job!
    Thanks again for the give-away! :)

  10. I would love to win a ticket to both the Maker’s Summit and the After Party because I am in the beginning stages of my small business and could use some tips on how to grow my business. I would love to come away with more ideas and inspiration for the direction I should go.

  11. What a wonderful opportunity to get of your own studio and be invited to share and learn from other creatives! (and in person!) There is so much that can be learned from another perspective. After all isn’t that what creating is all about? I would be thrilled to attend!

  12. I would love to win the ticket to the Summit. I am new to selling my crafting and would really like to be able to work all day in my studio for something I love instead of going to work everyday for someone else that doesn’t appreciate what I do. I need to figure out where to begin and where to go from here to make my dreams come true, and it sounds like the Summit is the best road to take.

  13. What a wonderful event! I am always a fan of sharing the handmade wealth. I would be thrilled to attend this event for the simple reason of getting to meet, speak and enjoy the company of fellow creatives. I in the fun/stressful stages of launching my own handcrafted business and I am eager to learn from the pros to ensure that it is the success I know it can and will be. Thanks for offering such an amazing opportunity!

  14. I’ve been designing clothes since I could hold a crayon—BUT have yet to really get my business going. The Makers Summit would be perfect for me to learn from artists and business owners. I need to go to this conference! As a college student and nonprofit employee, the cash to shell out for this amazing opportunity is a bit scarce. I would LOVE to be chosen to attend! :)

  15. How generous! Thanks for the opportunity. I heard about The Makers Summit a few days ago, and am really itching to attend. My husband and I started our letterpress business last May, and we’ve loved every second of it. From getting our first blog post up and running to selling our first order overseas, it’s been a dream come true.

    But not everything about first-time business ownership comes easily, and that’s where The Makers Summit would come in. The lineup is a who’s who of special people to learn from in the indie/handmade industry—Etsy, Spoonflower, Retail Recipes…The amount of knowledge that will available to help us learn as businesspeople is phenomenal. I’d love the opportunity to learn about various ways to market new businesses (without breaking the bank!) during my time at the Summit.

    Thanks for the consideration and your generous offer!

  16. I started my photography business this past fall and i also developed a love for creating and crafting. I’ve started selling some of my products and feel like this conference would help me have a better understanding of how to be more successful and efficient with what I have been doing and how to get my business started! I’d love to go to the Summit to be inspired by the incredible people who are attending and grow through what the other makers have to teach. I’d also love to understand more about the world of Etsy and how to be effective through having an Etsy shop! This conference sounds so indredible, and I would LOVE to have a chance to be a part of this conference. Thanks for such a sweet offer and considering me’

  17. I am not requesting to win, because I wouldn’t be able to go. I have a Women of Worship gathering to attend with my church. I just wanted to let you know that I think it is fabulous that you are giving away a ticket and I would love to be able to attend and get to meet you in person. You have a generous heart!

  18. oh me oh my…I would LOVEEEEEEEE to win this!!!!….thanks for offering a chance…..My dream is to get BACK to where I started….selling my wares!!
    creative blessings, debbie/studiobeecreations

  19. Oh Barb, I would love to attend such an inspiring event and have the chance to take that next step into my future. Your story of meeting the one person that shed light on the path for you touches my heart. That’s what women must be for each other and I have always tried to do that. What a joy to be among women like this. Thanks for all you do, V~

  20. I would love to win this! I was giving serious consideration to going, but the funds just aren’t there. I am impressed by the caliber of speakers that are scheduled. I am very interested in the process of promotion through social media and establishing an online presence. I was a wood sculptor in Vermont back in the stone age (pre-internet!) and the media side of the business is something that I would love to know more about.

    I will keep my fingers crossed! Thanks for the opportunity, Barb!