FYI: The Knack shop

I have had to set up and style my work and product for specific events in the past, and for my booth at Antiques on Augusta…..but this is my very first time to have an actual showroom and shop that stays set up all the time. If I am being honest… was a bit overwhelming for me in the beginning because it was such a large space and I struggled with how to make it look full without making it look cluttered. This is my constant vice…I love things clean

I spent yesterday in the shop taking everything off the shelves and completely rearranging everything. It felt so good to change everything up and even though these photos are not finished yet……it is a great start to the goodness!

These sets are a work in progress as I am getting geared up for this weekend!  Indie Craft Parade is hosting their Holiday Fair right here in West Greenville and I can’t wait!



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14 thoughts on “FYI: The Knack shop

    • Lindsey, thank you so much girl! I will totally look at doing a video tour soon. I have not been able to show everything yet because there are lots of pieces from the book on the floor… as soon as I get the go ahead to be able to show all of that stuff I will totally do a tour! :} Great idea! xo

    • Melissa, Thank you so much friend! One of these days I will get you down here to the good ole South! :} …….and please, if you ever see anything you can’t live without….let me know and I can ship it to you! :} xo