FYI: Meet the Knack interns….I couldn’t love them more


About a year ago I was approached by a local college ….about taking on interns at Knack. I had never had any kind of intern before but I decided to say yes, and it was the best thing I have ever done. I have been blessed with a total of 4 interns up to this point and at the moment I have two working for me at the same time! I was not sure I could keep two busy…..but I was wrong. Things have been so incredibly busy around the shop….and because of these two lovely ladies….I am able to keep up. Both of them are eager to learn, eager to please, hard workers, and super talented. After a few painting sessions the first week they were ready to go and can paint like champs!

Vicky {on the left} is a senior studio art major and Emily {on the right} graduated in December with a degree in Interior design. I can’t even tell you how privileged I am to have these two working with me at Knack…and I am so thankful for their joyful spirits, their creativity and the way they add sparkle to the time we get to spend together!

Love these two…..





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4 thoughts on “FYI: Meet the Knack interns….I couldn’t love them more

    • Ollie….they are so lovely indeed…and I totally think they would head your way in a skinny minute! :} ….and I would hitch along to! wink!