FYI: Knack Ornamentals are ready to go!

Just a quick note to let you all know that the Knack Ornamentals are all loaded in the Etsy shop and ready to go! If you are local and want to go ahead and purchase the ornament from the etsy shop and pick up at the shop  later….I can adjust the shipping for you!

Have a great Thanksgiving!




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6 thoughts on “FYI: Knack Ornamentals are ready to go!

  1. Great ornaments. I’ve seen many ideas for homemade ornaments this year but these are the best. Why? The basic cube allows for ENDLESS design possibilities. I have drawers full of old paper samples that could be used to create similar designs. Each year, my kids and I make a large batch of ornaments. So, tomorrow we will spend the afternoon painting and gluing lovely things on my collection of old spools with your amazing ornaments as inspiration. Your creative brain is incredible.

    • Thanks so much Martha! You are right….the possibilities are endless with the cubes, and it will be hard not to want to pick them as my ornament again next year! :} I love that you make ornaments with your kids every year! So great…..I hope you all have the best time making them! Merry Christmas!