FYI: If you want that awesome beach hair… on…..

I am really skeptical when it comes to hair products…..{this is really funny because hair used to be my industry!}……but even “back in the day” when I was selling product to clients, I always wanted to make sure that the product was really going to deliver results for them at home….not just when I was doing their hair in the shop. So, I really put products to the test and developed my favorites amongst many others that were a bunch of hype, and a waste of money.

Today, I want to tell you about a new product that I started using on my hair around Christmas time. I have put it to the test….and it has passed with flying colors! I LOVE it….and it does what it says it does. It is Paul Mitchell wild ginger texturizing sea spray.

I know that part of the reason this ginger sea spray works so great for me is the fact that I have a really, really good cut {thanks Melody Carter!} and I also have a lot of natural curl. I use this product a bit unconventionally {imagine that? Me? Bending the rules? Never Always.} and even though the instructions call for using it with damp hair…I actually use it on my hair when it is dry, and then I run my hands through my hair and shake it like crazy….and then I throw in a few scrunches while I’m at it ! I would not say that this product gives volume……but it does give texture…..and it is soft….and smells fantastic.

Have I won you over yet? I think you should try it, especially if you have wave in your hair…..a razor cut with lots of texture……and/or short textured bangs.

Just fyi…..

{I was paid nothing….nada….tostada……. to write this post, and did not receive any compensation by way of advertisement or product for writing this post! This review is based purely on my personal choice and experience.}





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10 thoughts on “FYI: If you want that awesome beach hair… on…..

  1. Sea hair! My fiancé loves it so much he dunked his head ( just his head) in the water last weekend while we were walking the dog, just to get that feel haha. This product seems much more civilised!

    • Ollie…..that is TOO funny! There is just something about that salty sea water that does something wonderful to our hair! :}

  2. Thank you for this. I had a texturizing spray I have used for years that I love, but it was recently discontinued. Headed to amazon now to find this. Have a great day.

    • Rene…….awesome! I hope you like it! I would recommend trying it the way it is supposed to be used as well. I meant to make a note of that in my post…….:} Hope you had a great day too!

    • Gigi….we can get it from the girl that does my hair or off Amazon :} Let’s talk about it at lunch on thursday!