Found Goodness: The {dashing} Haberdash Fox

haberdash1 haberdash2 haberdash3

This site is such a fantastic idea…..I love it. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone on Etsy to search for a really great gift for my man….only to get lost in the endless sea of leather wallets and wool socks. Seriously……The Haberdash Fox is a wonderful tool and very well done. I will no longer get lost in endless seas, but rather….. find myself charting through a well navigated course. Of course.

I also really love that The Haberdash Fox was started, and is curated by a couple local guys….. Marco Suarez and Mason Stewart. Here is part of their mission statement:

“The Haberdash Fox is a curated collection of the best menswares on Etsy. Our desire is to encourage people to buy quality vintage and unique goods. We believe the value of vintage goods isn’t solely in their function, but also in their history. We believe using the goods we already have is important for preserving our natural resources and reducing the impact manufacturing can have on our planet. We also desire to support artisan entrepreneurs.”

Go, go Greenville awesomeness! Woot!



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