Found Goodness: It’s furniture, and a jewelry box

Last week while out on one of my gathering excursions I came across this little piece of “freshie fresh”. I mean…..seriously…..I have seen painted jewelry boxes that tend to look like furniture when painted but I don’t think I have ever personally seen an actual PIECE OF FURNITURE  that is also a jewelry box! I know they are out there….and you all will probably say that you have seen them everywhere and they are old news……but I have never had the pleasure of such goodness…..until now.

I could not believe the happiness of this find…and the little velvet lined drawers are in perfect condition. I will probably take the mirror off….just like I do with my big pieces…..and I am itching to change out the hardware but have not decided on that one yet.

I will be sure to reveal the makeover when it is complete!



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9 thoughts on “Found Goodness: It’s furniture, and a jewelry box

  1. Call me ‘sheltered’, but I’ve never seen/heard of one of these pieces! It’s so practical and cute too! Maybe if I own/wear more jewelry I would know about this??? I tend to loose earrings regularly thru sheep and goat kisses! hahaha

    Can’t wait to ‘see’ your magic!!! Pleeeeze hurry, hurry! :)

    • Jenny…..I had not seen one either so I guess we are sheltered together :} I love your sheeps and goats :} So cool!

    • Thank you Angie……I am having a hard time nailing down exactly what I want to do…but I am excited to get started! We’ll see!