Found Goodness: Gigi’s washcloths

washcloths1 washcloths2 washcloths3

I have lunch with my Gigi every Thursday at 12:30 and I treasure our time together. Now that my grandpop is retired, he comes along as well and we sit there and eat, laugh, tell stories, and look up crazy new words they write down off the T.V. for about an hour and a half ……..or so :} It is awesome….

Gigi also brings me any treats she has made during the week, and I am hoping she has more of these washcloths today since they have been quite popular at the shop! These are the only washcloths I use in my kitchen and I am a big fan!

Hope you all have a great day today!



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10 thoughts on “Found Goodness: Gigi’s washcloths

  1. i have some just like these that my aunt dot made. she passed two years ago almost, and i use them as rugs in emmy’s doll house! they are too nice for dishes!

    • Cassie…..what a neat idea! I am so sorry that your aunt has passed on and am glad you have something tangible and beautiful to remind you of her! xo

    • Susan…I am so lucky to get to have this special time! :} I guess I am so spoiled with as many as I want and I treasure being able to use something that is both beautiful and useful…..they are the only things I’ll use! :} hah!

  2. thankyou for meeting with us I and giving us some of your valuable time.we love hearing about the kids and their escapades i hope we don’t bore you. We are so proud of YOU. You make our week. Love Grandmom and Grandpop.

    • Awwww Gigi I love you so much and it is MY treat to get to have lunch with you every week! It is the highlight of my week and I enjoy every minute of it! You are never ever boring……:} xoxo

  3. Oh my goodness-myMammy has been gone for several years. Your Thursday lunches took me instantly back to treasured lunches with my Grandma, Mammy. Nothing better :-)

    • sarah……there is absolutely nothing better …I agree..and treasure every single lunch!