Found Goodness: Ben Shahn, and my wheat print from the Goodwill

wheatfield1 wheatfield2 wheatfield3 wheatfield4

I am super excited to tell you all a story today about a print I found a few weeks ago at a local Goodwill store for $3. It had been an exceptionally great day of finds, and I was on my last stop before having to pick up my daughter from school. I always glance at the pictures and artwork…mainly looking for great frames…so it usually only takes me a few seconds to give them a glance and I am on my way. Well, on this day a particular piece caught my eye ….and it was this one pictured above. I found it incredibly simple yet appealing and tasteful. I loved how the artist added a little bit of geometric modernism to stalks of wheat….and the soft water colors won me over. The brown frame and country pink matte did not win me over however….and I knew I would change that asap. But, I was drawn to this piece somehow…..someway…..and knew it had potential.

I dropped the piece off with my friend Teresa to be framed…..and when I picked it up last week, boy was I ever in for a surprise! The man who framed the piece is an art history buff who decided to look up the piece and see if he could find out more about it. Come to find out….the piece is called “Wheat Field” and is a signed print by the famous artist Ben Shahn. {click on the “Wheat Field” link to see how much my signed print is worth!} If this had been an original it would be worth lots and lots….but as a signed print, it is still not too shabby considering my mere $3 investment. Maybe one of these days I will have it appraised…..but for now I am just happy I picked a winner and will enjoy it being in my home.

Happy hunting! I hope this week brings interesting finds your way! You just never ever know what treasures await!



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22 thoughts on “Found Goodness: Ben Shahn, and my wheat print from the Goodwill

    • Thank you Jennifer! I think it is peaceful too…..he was a very interesting and controversial man so I find it interesting that this piece of his artwork is so light and pretty :} I’ll take it!

    • jamie…..I am looking back in my photos to see if I have a before shot of this….but I don’t think I do ;/ I will post if I find one.

  1. This is awesome, love finding treasures but you really scored with this one! I have followed your work for a while and we recently moved to Greenville! I finally get to have a morning away from the kids and plan on visiting your shop this Saturday! Yippie!!

    • Heather……yes….treasures are so fun to find…and especially when they have surprises up their sleeves like this one! :}

    • brooke….thank you my friend! those touches of color in the wheat are what drew me in too :} love ya !

  2. Wow what a find. It is always my dream to find something special when I browse second hand shops. Unfortunately in NZ if doesn’t often happen!!! I too am loving the geometric modernism aspect of this painting. Maybe you have a secret talent as an art buyer? Side job? xx

    • ollie, it has never happened for me before now….that I know of :} It is so fun to treasure shop….and I would not go so far as to say I may be entering the art buying field {hee hee} but hey….if opportunity knocks…you just never know! :}

  3. What an incredible find! It is a gorgeous, sublime piece. I like it especially because I grew up in the wheat state – Kansas!
    Way to trust your instincts on this one.

    • Jackie……I know it! I loved it, and that is why I bought it but oh my….to find out that it is actually worth something is awesome! Lucky find for sure!