Found Goodness: A Rug and Some Boots

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I was digging around in my buddy Trey’s shop last week, and he was attempting to show me several pieces of furniture {which came back to the shop with me!}……but first things first…….I got completely sidetracked by this rug that was folded up in the corner. I started unfolding it and asking at the same time “what is this piece of gorgeousness?”… which Trey replied….”oh, that… a hand looped and bound rug from Iran”……Seriously…..

It now lives in my kitchen……BOOM!

Also, I had to include my latest boot conquest. Zara boots in distressed gold leather…….ridiculously inexpensive due to a friend having two pairs that she found on sale, sale, sale…….

They are now on my feet……BOOM!

Temporal treasures I know……but when said treasures are such good deals….and so beautiful…..



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4 thoughts on “Found Goodness: A Rug and Some Boots

  1. You have the best luck with great shoes! LA is so overpriced with everything. I need to more somewhere where you can find things in junk shops, antiques shops and thrift stores for less than they would cost new. :) Good scores!!!

    • Kalanicut, The shoe fairy loves to visit me for sure….and she seems to come in spurts :} Come my way and we’ll go shopping together for sure!