Etcetera: Start thinking about May 3….you will not want to miss it!


I know that it is a bit early, but as I plan for the Furniture Makeovers Launch party I realize {and have been asked lots of questions about!} that there are those of you planning to come in from out of town and need to start making travel arrangements…so I wanted to go ahead and put the date out there so everyone can start their planning! MAY 3, 2013!!

I am having so much fun planning the events of the evening and can tell you that it will be like nothing I have ever done before! The food is going to be wonderful, there will be special prizes and gift boxes, we will have books for sale, I will be signing…..and it is just going to be a really great time. {if I do say so myself!}

I can’t even tell you how much fun I am having putting it all together…..and making special plans to have lots of treats to give away.

Mark your calendars now….and plan to come….I am very much looking forward to seeing all of you on this very special night!



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10 thoughts on “Etcetera: Start thinking about May 3….you will not want to miss it!

  1. Your book looks great, I absolutely love the cover, great design. I won’t be able to make it but wish you the best time and please make sure to post pictures!

    • Jayne, Thank you so much! The designer for the book really did a wonderful job and I am super thrilled with all that she did! The cover was a genius idea! I will be having a video shot of the entire night as well as pictures so I will be sure to post!

    • Thank you Ollie! I so wish you could come but that would be quite the trip wouldn’t it?! {wink!} xo

    • GIgi……Thank you! It is going to be a big old party and I am so glad you will be there! Love you!

  2. HI Barb
    I’ve just recently found your website/blogspot and think it’s awesome. Will you be releasing your book in South Africa? I would just love to read how you do the wonderful things that you do.