Etcetera: New matchboxes, and a new year coming….with big plans

This post will be a bit all over the place…but that is what the word “etcetera” exemplifies right?

So, today is the perfect day to talk about new matchbox designs arriving in the shop…love these new horse head designs……and exciting plans for the new year!

2013 is already shaping up for Knack….and the horses are pushing against that gate just ready to shoot out and fly! I am super thankful to have two new interns starting in January. I will introduce them to you all properly next month. I am really excited that Emily is an interior design major, and Victoria is a studio art major ….so each one brings different creative gifts and talents to the table. Both girls have sweet personalities and are eager to get in here and learn the ropes of being a creative business owner….and for that I am excited and thankful. It is going to be a busy Spring {think….book release!} and I am very thankful for the extra helping hands that I will have on my team.

One of the big changes for Knack will be that I am bringing everything under one roof! For the first time in Knack history, I will no longer have an antique booth…..but will have everything housed right here in the shop…. at Knack. This new location {11 Lois Ave.} has proven over and over to be the perfect place for the growth of Knack. With the separate work space in the back and the gorgeous shop in the front, it is absolutely perfect for everything that I do here at Knack. Even though it is a very, very hard decision for me to leave Antiques on Augusta….{part of my heart is there, and I am forever grateful for the people and experiences over these last 6 years}…the time has come. I am very excited to have everything in one place, and to really develop the shop location into what I have thought about and planned for, for a while now.

In addition to having the shop up and running, with regular business hours, there will also be a shopping cart added to the website so that you can purchase not only furniture….but also any of the other goodies that are available in the shop! I am really excited about this option….and you should be too! With the click of a button you can purchase the items of your choice! Woo hoo! No more emails and phone calls back and forth…..even though I will still gladly do that if you feel so inclined!

I have a few secrets up my sleeve that will hopefully develop into full blown, tangible events so that I can tell you about those as well……

For now….have a great weekend….and finish Christmas shopping if you have not done so already! These next few weeks will be so special and fun filled! Enjoy the Christmas season and treasure the time spent together!




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4 thoughts on “Etcetera: New matchboxes, and a new year coming….with big plans

    • Thank you Ollie! I am excited about the New Year for sure….and am looking forward to all of the fun experiences and lessons learned! xo