Etcetera: Makers Summit….was amazing!

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Gorgeous photographs by Paige of Lightnest Collective

This time last weekend I was a nervous wreck as I was madly preparing my panel speech for the Makers Summit here in Greenville. Public speaking is not a strong point for me, and because of that, I spent several hours over the past few weeks getting speech coaching. It was the best decision I could have ever made…and helped me tremendously in overcoming my fear of public speaking. I highly recommend it! I still shook like a leaf while I was presenting, but having an outline and knowing what I was going to say made a huge difference in the way that I felt during the delivery! Remember one of my words for the year? COURAGE.

I really can’t say enough about this conference. I have spoken at, and attended conferences before….but this conference was different. It was the best conference I have ever attended and I have 5 pages of notes to prove it! The people, the discussions, the food, the packaging, the details, the everything… was done to perfection and I could not be more proud of my friends Erin, Elizabeth and Jen {who also run the Indie Craft Parade} for a job very well done. I am so glad to be a part of what these three talented gals do and am also very proud of it all happening right here in Greenville!

I hope you all enjoy the photos! You can watch the awesome video here. Make plans to attend next year! You will not want to miss it….and it will sell out!

Have a great weekend!



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5 thoughts on “Etcetera: Makers Summit….was amazing!

    • Paige….Thank you! It was so great to see you and catch up. Special is such a good word to use….I enjoyed this event so much!

  1. It was an amazing event and your speech was wonderful. Thank you so much for your inspiring words. Your genuine self really came across. It was so nice to meet you too.

    • Shannon, so glad you had a great time at the Makers Summit!….and thank you so much for your kind words it was wonderful to meet you too. xo