Etcetera: Gigi’s smocked aprons

Over Christmas my mom opened a present from my Gigi and it was this amazing smocked apron! I soon realized that there was not an apron for me and started begging Gigi to make me one…to which she replied ” Oh, I have a bunch of them made up already, you can just pick one!” Yippee Skippee! Pick one indeed I did and it is the yellow one with the turquoise stitching that you see pictured above. {fist pump}

I decided to ask Gigi if she would consider selling her aprons because I knew that people were going to flip over them and  love them! She was happy to sell them under one condition…….she makes what she wants, when she wants and will not be taking orders. I think that is perfectly legit and am delighted to be able to transfer a little piece of Gigi to you all!

The first batch is going fast and the only two that are available right now are the pink and blue. More are coming soon, and I will post them as soon as she sends them my way!

The aprons are available in the etsy shop, as well as locally in the Knack shop! Woot!



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8 thoughts on “Etcetera: Gigi’s smocked aprons

  1. Blair,
    I love the aprons. I know you said no orders; however, let me tell you my story! I have a daughter-in-law that lives in Arlington, VA. She works for corporate Marriott (Mr. Marriott plays with her child in the gym – pretty important person). They hosted the family for the after-Christmas celebration – 3 sons – we do our Christmas after the day!. We were shopping together before Christmas and I found a candy-striped apron for my granddaughter. Heather said she would really like one of those. So the hunt began. I COULD NOT find an adult candy-striped bib apron in the stores or on-line. I finally bought one for her hostess gift. (The story gets better!) My husband was helping me wrap presents and he wrapped that one. He put another daughter-in-law’s name on the apron. Lottye was delighted, but Heather didn’l get a hostess gift.
    So . . . . Do you think Gigi would make me a candy striped (red and white) bib apron for Heather. I am definitately not in a hurry. Maybe Christmas of 2013? Thanks.
    Polly Powell

    • Polly,
      WOW! …that is quite the story! We were just talking about similar Christmas stories the other day….where presents were wrapped for the wrong people and all that follows a situation like that! I so wish that I could help you with the candy striped apron, but I have to stick to my guns for gigi’s sake. Once you get into specific orders and desires it just becomes stressful and that is not what we want at all. Making these little smocked aprons is something she is doing in her spare time to keep her mind and fingers sharp and only makes them as she feels like it. Thank you for understanding that! I hope you can find an apron by next Christmas!

      Here is a link to a whole bunch of aprons on etsy….maybe you will be able to find one here:

  2. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! I must have one. My husband’s sweet Grandmother who I loved dearly used to wear one that looked almost exactly like this. Oh the memories…….

    • charity…….yay! I see you bought them both my friend! so cool that they are about a memory for you as well! love that! They will be on their way soon! xo

  3. we have hand-me-down gingham aprons from my hubs gmas as well (yellow and brown.) they aren’t smocked and quite as cute as these, but old-fashioned aprons sure are sweet! xo

    • Karen, I have always had a thing for cute aprons….so when Gigi started making these I just fell in love. I love the smocking! So cool that you have aprons that have been handed down to you! Love that!