Etcetera: Foundling

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My favorite Christmas present this year was my custom date ring stack from foundling ! I wear it any time I am not working at Knack because I am so worried I will ruin it! My ring numbers are: 7 for Jon and I’s birthdays, a 6 for our anniversary, a 12 for my daughter’s birthday, and an 8 for my son’s birthday.

I love the design of these rings and the fact that they are so thin and “stackable”! They are comfortable to wear, remind me of the important things in life, and garner compliments all the time.

Visit foundling’s beautiful shop today, and pick up a treat for yourself or someone you love.

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6 thoughts on “Etcetera: Foundling

  1. Morning ^_^ love how we both share the same first name and initials, doesn’t happy very often 😉
    These rings are super cute and defo worth checking out more but first I need my lucky numbers to work hard in tonight’s EuroMillion lottery draw ^_^
    Greetings from North Wales (UK)
    Babs B ^_^

    • Babs….that is too funny! I hope your lucky numbers worked for you! {wink!} xo

  2. Sweetness! I don’t wear much jewelry. You’ll notice that I usually wear mismatched earrings ‘cuz the barnyard critters love to nibble on ears! :)

    • thanks ali….yes…I absolutely love wearing these and get compliments all the time! happy weekend!