Etcetera: Cranny is the best

What can I say… sister is incredibly talented and I just love the beautiful things she makes…her blogher photographs.….HER!

I have a set of her yarn trees that stay out year round { yes, I love them that much!}…..I will be selling the “do small things with great love” calendars at Knack starting TODAY……{or you can get them from Cranny’s Etsy shop} I am thinking that I need the yarn letter book ends as well…..{ and yes that piece of furniture is a Knack original that I painted and wallpapered in the middle of my sisters living room in Portland Oregon when I was there for a visit!}.

Oh how I wish we were together today……the miles between us are too many. I love you sis.




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6 thoughts on “Etcetera: Cranny is the best

  1. I love the sibling support here. : ) Sarah’s site is one of my favorites online. She is just beautiful inside and out. Can’t wait to get my calendar soon!

    • Shanna, :}….she is such a sweet sister and I am so thankful for her!
      I want to order your book! Sarah tells me it is wonderful!

  2. Well, your sister is one lucky gal to have such a nice sister like you : ) Thank you for this : ) So glad the calendars made it in time. Sure wish I could fly in for Saturday– what a fun event! Someday. . .

    love you!

    • sakes……I love you right back….you are the absolute best! the calendars have been a hit! I think I need to order more!