never stop

e44e5f96f65ff338c7953bfe57241f99I hear myself say this to myself, aspiring creative business owners, my children, my friends…..and it is so true! There are always new things to learn, always new things to challenge our minds with, and being open to learning vs closed minded is the only way to growth.

{P.S. I just found out that this print is available for sale here…..and I really want to buy one! I have loved this print for years!}

New Pillows +Moms


shibori1 blackredpillow3 blackredpillow2 blackredpillow1 embroideredpillow It seems like every day at Knack is full of new surprises….well, it doesn’t just seem that way…it IS always full, and always surprising!

New products arriving, {like all of these gorgeous pillows above! Also available in the online shop here}, beautiful new furniture pieces being created weekly, and friends and shoppers stopping by…{some of them, gorgeous supermodels from NYC! not even kidding!}

Having Angie at the shop every day has been so awesome… is so very nice to have someone so talented, motivated, and creative as part of the Knack team ….and we have all kinds of creative ventures up our sleeves and rolling around in our heads. In fact, Angie hand dyed and created the beautiful blue shibori pillows exclusively for Knack…..and each one is so special and unique. Grab one while you can, and we will have shibori dyed napkins coming soon!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there! I hope this weekend is a special time for you with those you love! No matter what category we find ourselves in as women….let us strive to nurture positive relationships with others, invite others into our homes and lives with grace and love, and partner with others in order to bring out the best in each life we touch.




9ec7a527c8b5e2e666e2874c2739f924Never be afraid to be who you really are. Never be afraid to ask questions. Never be afraid to stand alone. Never be afraid to speak truth. Never be afraid to be……



Are you inside or outside?


When I came across this quote, it made me pause. I stared at it for a long time deciding whether or not I understood it….and if I liked what it implied. The longer I stared, the more it sank in, and this is what it means to me:

“walking inside your story and owning it” = humbleness, transparent honesty, admitting wrong, forgiveness……real life.

“standing outside and hustling for worthiness”= understanding who you really are, but not wanting to show that to anyone…rather the opposite……thus the constant game of appearances, scrambling, and defeat…..fake.

Don’t hustle for worthiness… is a hamster wheel. Instead, choose a life of intentional authenticity….no matter how soul baring that may be.