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We are ever on a search for treasures to add to the shop.  Treasures that tell a story, treasures that add to the beauty of everyday life.

There are so many new beauties in our shop these days, including the white ceramic platters, handmade olive oil soaps, and mini cast iron horseshoes that you see above.

Check out our shop for these and more treasures.


il_570xN.475856500_pkbc il_570xN.522744362_rzqg il_570xN.534899470_ckws163 Design Company is a new to me Etsy shop that I have fallen in love with. I will own a “eucharisteo” necklace one day soon. The word “eucharisteo” means thanksgiving, praise, & joy through everything. I can’t think of a better word to remember every day.

….and for me, one of the shop owners….Jennifer Murray…..has been a personal source of blessing and encouragement. I knew her, before I knew of her shop……both are gems.

Check out this sweet shop over the weekend……and I will see you back here on Monday!



Barb Blair

Really Pretty Shoes

il_570xN.323882426 il_570xN.478309111_eg3z

il_570xN.478321881_33kzI saw these shoes up close and personal at the Brooklyn Flea Last weekend. I got to feel the super soft leather, and see with my own eyes the craftsmanship of each shoe available, which was superb. I also got to chat with one of the craftsmen, and he was super kind and knowledgeable. When you purchase a pair of these shoes, you pick the style you want…. and then your foot is measured, and the shoes are then made specifically for your foot.

The shoes are priced accordingly, and are not for everyone’s budget….but, their story, quality, and beauty are priceless. There is just something special about hand made, and a connection with the maker.

Visit good bye folk at the Brooklyn flea, or through their Etsy shop.



Roadside wooden bowls

woodenbowls3woodenbowls1 woodenbowls2 woodenbowls4 Woodenbowls5The other week as I was out for a morning run, I passed a house that had a pile of wooden forms and bowls out by the curb. In my neighborhood…this is what we do with things we no longer want…and people {like me or the trash pick up} drive through and enjoy the spoils.

I for one, did not want to finish my run and then go back for the bowls….instead, I took a short cut, hopped in the truck and went back and loaded up! I did return to my run afterwards….but first things first!

The bowls are random shapes….one looks like a fish, one like a peanut, but the rest are just this really organic pod shape. I am really looking forward to transforming them and am hoping to be able to make them food safe.. {because I want to keep one as a salad bowl!}…but if not food safe…….then they will just be really wonderful wooden bowls with a great story of transformation and redemption!



Stylish Kitty Collars

il_570xN.328302462 il_570xN.433379074_d2lt il_570xN.434641530_pskwGingers Friends Etsy shop

I am on the hunt for cute collars for our two little kitties! If you follow me on Instagram…..well, then you have probably seen my little Bleeker Olive and Newsie Mae. These two little fluff balls have been the funnest and best things we could have ever imagined and we truly enjoy them every day! I don’t think I have laughed harder or been more intrigued by the personalities and interesting habits of cats.These two have so much energy and personality….they must have a cute collar to match!

I have never ever been a cat person..and we were always that family that said “we don’t do cats”…..until now. I am so thankful that my sweet daughter has such a love for animals and that she talked us into getting a couple kittens.

We are in love. The end. {although I secretly wish they stayed cutie babies forever!}



Shelving that I love

ekby-valter-bracket__28988_PE115900_S4 shelving1 shelving2 shelving3One of the first things that I did when I moved into my new location last July {I can’t believe it has been one year already!} was to put up some shelving. I knew that I wanted natural wood, and a very simple design, to go with the white walls and clean aesthetic I envisioned for the shop layout. So, I started searching for the perfect shelving.

I could not find ready made shelving that fit my ideal, and so I decided to create my own. I headed to IKEA and picked up about 26 of the Ekby Valter birch brackets in both the 11″ and the 7 1/8″ sizes and then headed to my local Home Depot for a couple sheets of nice red oak plywood. I splurged on the really nice smooth plywood because it is so great for natural looking shelving.

My dad helped me measure out each piece of wood to create two large long shelves and six smaller shelves. It is a good thing dad is really good at math because these things boggle my little mind and create instant sweaty pits for me! Once we measured and cut the shelves we began the super arduous task of installing them on a brick wall. Just be sure you have a mason bit, hammer drill, level, and cement or mason screws on hand to make your job a bit smoother and easier.

I did put 3-4 coats of water based poly on both sides {and edges} of my wood shelving to protect it and make it easy to keep clean and dust free. In the end, I am so happy with these shelves and would love to incorporate a set of them in my own dining room or living room.

Still working on that goal of incorporating more of the studio design into my home…..but we are making progress!



New in the shop: Concrete tea cups + metal numbers

numbers3numbers1 numbers4I always love when boxes arrive at the shop full of new goodies to put out. I have been busy placing orders for all kinds of new Knack finds….including wooden whales, driftwood arrows, chemistry beaker vases, green glass fisherman vases, matches, utility scissors, pillows, etc…….the latest finds to arrive are these sweet tea cup planters made from concrete {$10 ea} and awesome little zinc numbers{$5 ea}. Customers are loving the little numbers for special dates, and we had a couple this past weekend who purchased their wedding date… fun is that?!

Expect new things arriving every month, and I will be sure to keep you posted!

For those of you wondering about new furniture designs…aka “knackage”…. in the works? Never fear, because along with all of this ordering of new goods there is also mucho furniture in the works. Two new pieces finished this week, with 7 others waiting in the wings…..not to mention 3 more pieces being picked up tomorrow for a top secret Fall project.

Always exciting…..never a dull moment!