behind the scenes :: projects and products

candles candles2 cicada dropcloth flowers light

1 // candles and matches sitting pretty on our mint green desk

2 // new PF Candle scent, Neroli & Eucalyptus, smells like a west coast dream

3 // sketches for an upcoming project

4 // even our workshop drop cloths are fair game for doodles

5 // fresh flowers by Willow Florals for a styled shoot

6 // the light in our shop during a #knackbook2 photoshoot

behind the scenes :: preparations and visitors

blogg1 blogg2 blogg3 blogg4 blogg5 blogg6

1// working on our display for Indie Craft Parade this year (don’t forget — Sept. 12-14 in Greenville, SC!)

2// paint and frog tape make our job FUN

3// glass and candle cubes brightening up our shop

4// Man pillow (or Abe as we call him) making our bed “Viviette” look super sexy

5// curb appeal

6// longtime blog follower Paula and her family popped into the shop this week… all the way from London! It was such a treat.

behind the scenes :: hard work and saturday treats

work1 work2 work3 work4 work6 work7

1// piles of blocks waiting to become candle cubes

2// styling a new frogtape project for photographing

3// intern Tiffany sanding away and sitting pretty

4// new bowls in our shop, handmade by Jennifer at Crave Studio

5// working out the details in the shop with new tags

6// a new Saturday situation – Circa Doughnuts and Vagabond Barista serving coffee and doughnuts in our shop! 

Turning 40 :: Celebrations

knack birthday couponWell you guys… 40th birthday is just around the corner and it is also Independence Day here in the USA this weekend! Two very fun things that are definitely going to be celebrated by me {wink!}…..but here at Knack we want to share the celebration love! So, this little coupon gets you 40% off {forty percent off folks!} one item in the shop. Any item you choose…..including furniture…..but it can only be one item, so choose wisely! You all have been shopping away here at Knack, and we want you to know how much we appreciate your support! Come snag that special item you have been dreaming about! The coupon code for online shopping will be: “40isfun” so….all of our online shoppers… this is for you too!

There are only a few items that are excluded from the sale and here they are : Custom carved whales by Gene Claiborne, Emily Jeffords paintings, and rugs. The “40 is fun sale” will only run THIS Friday July 4th and Saturday July 5th from 10am -3 pm, and you must either print off your coupon {above} or show it to me on your phone to receive the discount!

Come on….let’s celebrate! Sale starts in 47 hours!

Faces to put with names :: Knack Book 2

athens, ga athens, gaA few weeks ago, I wrote this post about the awesome team of women that I am working with on the Knack book two project, and I thought it would be nice to put faces with names.

Here is the lineup from left to right {in the bottom photo}:

Jessica Barley – Styling + Props

Angie Thompson – Knack store manager + all around creative master

Barb Blair {Me} – I do what I do

Julie Dodds – Florals

Paige French – Photographer

There is no ” i ” in team…….and I am so thankful for this.



Product1 product2 product3 product4 product6 product7 product8 product5 product9 product10

This is just a small sampling of the beautiful products that hit the shelves at Knack this week! It has been so exciting to fill the shop with such pretty and useful things.

Tonight we have a group of young professionals holding an event at Knack, and then tomorrow night we have First Fridays from 6-9pm. We have plenty of gifts and special treats for both keeping and giving. Remember…..Mothers Day is coming up on Sunday May 11th!

We are trying to get everything new loaded in the online shop, but it is no small task….so hang in there with us! If you see something you must have, email Angie {} and we can get it right out to you. Keep an eye on the online shop, as new products will be added daily!

Have a great Thursday everyone!



News from the week || Friday

bookprocess1 bookprocess2 bookprocess3 bookprocess4 bookprocess5It has been a busy, busy week. Lots of planning, sketching, painting, photographing, meetings, consultations, and inventory purchasing………but I was just telling my husband, that I have come to realize I enjoy big projects. When I say “big projects” I am mainly referring to the book….since it is huge, and all encompassing at the moment…..but I get so inspired and feel so creative when producing content for the books. So much time and thought goes into projects, and I am pushed creatively to produce things that are fresh and new…..and that, to me….is just plain old fashioned fun. There are times where I am scared, and tired, and frustrated as well……but usually a good cup of chai, a hot bath, and a good nights sleep have me ready to hit it hard again the next day.

I am truly excited to complete this book. There is so much goodness to share…with lots of color palettes….shooting on location in homes…..styling…..and water color sketches. I look forward to the reward at the end of the work……it’s going to be so great!

I am pleased to introduce you to my team for book two:

Paige French is the photographer for the entire book two project, and is responsible for all of the behind the scenes shots featured in this post. Check out her website……it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Jessica Barley of A Darling Day is assisting me with styling , props, and site planning for the on location styled shoots……and Julie Dodds of Willow Florals is in charge of all floral styling for the entire project.

So….can you see why I am excited? These girls are great at what they do and I am thrilled to be working with such a talented team.

Have a great weekend…and enjoy Spring Break!



Shop Happenings

candleteakwood candlefigjasmine candlecampfirespecial candleambermoss

We are busy bees around the shop these days! All of our new Spring merch is rolling in, and it is so fantastic! I love being a shop owner, and picking special things that I think are perfect for both my home and yours.

These new soy candles came in yesterday, and are already on the shelves and in the online shop. With scents like teakwood and tobacco, campfire special {you know that campfire smell that soaks in your clothes after a good bonfire? yeah….that smell}, fig and jasmine, and amber and moss….there is sure to be a scent for everyone! We are hooked!

The clean and timeless apothecary packaging makes these candles easily suited to any environment they are placed in.

Light em up!



Fantastic Friday

FridayFlowersgorgeous floral arrangement by Julie Dodds of Willow Florals

Today was a fantastic day…all around. I got my hands so dirty that my fingernails are solid black underneath, I finished my first furniture piece of the new year { I know…. I barely squeaked out one piece this month, but there are good reasons….promise!}, two more pieces are getting freshened up as we speak, and I feel so creatively inspired and challenged right now.

The best part of my day though, came when I got a call from my husband saying that he had just been offered a wonderful position with a new company. You see, my husband lost his job 2 weeks before Christmas {yikes!}. It was shocking at first, especially since he had been at the same company for the past 17 years. He started this job, when my now 17 year old son, was just a mere 4 months old. December 19th would have been his 17 year anniversary and he was let go on December 5th. It was a great job, it was a flexible job, and it met our needs. The company went through a buyout and many changes over the last 5 years…and we knew it was a matter of time……but two weeks before Christmas? It was a hard day….let me tell you…..

When that phone call came….there was a moment of instant panic, and my heart dropped to my feet… there were tears, not for me, but for my sweet man…as he dealt with his own fear…..and then complete and utter peace. These words: “When peace like a river attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll. Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say, it is well, it is well, with my soul” flooded my own heart and soul in that moment. The strength that came from this peace, fortified my being with the knowledge that the One who created us knows exactly what is best for us, and He loves us……and everything He does is good.

One of the coolest things about being married to this man that I love so dearly is that in times like these….knowing how to love each other and loving each other well  make all the difference in the world. The desire to love someone even more…the desire to pour yourself out completely. Sometimes one of us is strong, sometimes we both are strong….but at all times, we have each other….and that is all that matters. We could smile through every day, plan, dream, be excited about new beginnings, talk about our fears, and look back with great appreciation.

We are celebrating this weekend. Celebrating a new start, Celebrating goodness……celebrating family. We will be heading to the mountains tomorrow with our kids and a few of their friends….it will be good to get outside….to smell the freshness of the earth….and to stretch our limbs and imaginations.

See you on Monday….with some {more} exciting news, and a new furniture friend!


Barb Blair

Pork Tenderloin with Raspberry Cranberry Sauce

pork2+copyI have been trying lots of new recipes lately and it has been fun to challenge myself in this new venture. Cooking and I have never been great friends….I tend to cook things to death, get stuck in ruts, and lack any kind of flavor in my dishes. Those times are a changing though…..and I can honestly say there is something so satisfying in working a long hard day at the shop and then coming home and creating a meal for the family that is delicious, tasty and intentional.

The other great thing about these recipes that I have been trying… that they all can be made pretty quickly. So, the food stays moist, is flavorful, and doesn’t take hours of slaving away in the kitchen to prepare. I love that it looks like it would take forever, and sounds fancy….but it actually is quite easy to prepare. Win!

I am so thankful for Pinterest, and for all of the amazing chefs out there who not only experiment and prepare food well {understatement!} but also photograph their food well. Just like with most things for me…I am very visual…and good food styling and photography make all the difference in the world. I choose recipes sometimes based on the photo alone……no joke.

I made this pork recipe last night for dinner, and it comes from the Delicious Shots blog {which I am now a follower of} and the photograph is from there as well. {I am not a food stylist or photographer of food…so I defer to the experts here.} I followed the recipe to a tee…and I used fresh raspberries and cranberries. It was really, really tasty and a hit with the entire family.

My score is four for five….we are on a roll.