cadillac ranch….

 …..this was seriously one of my favorite memories of the trip…, so very fun, and they are just the coolest looking things ever…..i encourage you to do it if you are ever in amarillo texas….

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14 thoughts on “cadillac ranch….

  1. wow that's awesome! i am adding this to my check list of places to visit :)

  2. Love your cadillac ranch pictures. I grew up in NM not far from this field. Those cars have been there for years. Glad they are painted! :o)

  3. oh, babe. those were simply fantastic. wonderful images. never been that route but – agree. it would be totally worth it…

  4. That really looks fun…I would love to do it:) Those are great photos:) Kisses,sweetie and have a safe travel

  5. Ooooh I love it!! I need to go on a road trip so badly. I miss you! So excited to be in Greenville for the indie parade…we need to plan something, for sure. xo

  6. My parents lived in the Texas Panhandle for 40some years. I have seen these old caddys for most of those years…before they started painting them. Mixed feelings about the paint…esp the clutter left behind. Still they are something to see when you're out that way. Thanks for the memories.

  7. Ha, Ha! Amarillo is my hometown and the Cadillac Ranch is one of the cities treasures. So glad to see your photos since so many people have no idea where the Ranch is actually located!

  8. Hi! You stumbled into my tiny shop on the Amarillo Route 66 branch, NEST. So so so happy that you guys stopped by the Cadillac Ranch while you were here! Your pictures are awesome and your blog is lovely! Nice to have met you!

    ps. hope you are getting some good ideas thanks to the Tossed & Found book!