Book Giveaway: Decorate Workshop by Holly Becker

I am so excited to be part of the official blog tour for my friend and mentor Holly Becker of Decor8 ! Holly is one of my very special people, and inspires the socks off of me! I am so honored and excited that the forward to my book was written by this fantastic lady.

I ordered Decorate Workshop the very second it became available for pre-order and could not wait to get my hands on it! I also have Holly’s first book Decor8 , and I have spent plenty of time reading through it, figuring out how to incorporate it into my home, and agreeing with everything Holly says.

Decorate Workshop is such an amazing book. It is the complete guide to intentional living and includes every single tool you need to fine tune your home and make it work for you and the way that your family lives!

I had major talks with my husband when I finished reading through this book. There are a few rooms in our home {ok, more than a few!} that have just become landing places for piles of papers and books, book bags, shoes, items that need to be returned to people…..and well, you get the picture:} I think one of the biggest things that I take away when reading Holly’s books is the encouragement to use the pieces that I have, but also to make each room in the home comfortable, beautiful, functional, and filled with intention. I literally went out and bought three pads of graph paper so that I could draw out rooms, sketch, and make wish lists for the items that I would like to add to my home. It is that thought provoking folks…..and on top of being inspiring, it is empowering.

I also love that all of the rooms and homes featured in Holly’s books are very non intimidating and real. I really connect with many of the images and mood boards…..and think Holly’s eye and taste are spot on and very approachable.

I have met Holly in person and I can honestly say that her personality is the same…..warm, real, open, and honest. I can’t say enough about how much I love this lady! {and her fantastic books}

One of you has a chance to win Holly’s latest book Decorate Workshop right now! Just leave me a comment and I will announce the winner on Friday! If you would like to keep up with the blog tour {and more chances to win} here is the schedule:

Tuesday, November 27 – Sacramento Street & A Creative Mint
Wednesday, November 28 – Hooray & Design For Mankind
Thursday, November 29 – Decorology & Bloesem
Friday, November 30 – The Curated House & Design Muse
Monday, December 3 – Simply Grove & In Honor of Design
Tuesday, December 4 – In My Own Style & This is Love Forever
Wednesday, December 5 – Knack Studios & This is Glamorous & Mom Inc. Daily
Thursday, December 6 – Justina Blakeney & Mint

Friday, December 7 – The TomKat Studio & Down and Out Chic



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47 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Decorate Workshop by Holly Becker

  1. I also couldn’t wait to get my hands on Holly’s book & bought it the minute it hit the shelves but I would love a couple to give to my special friend for Christmas! x

  2. Hi Blair,
    I would love to own this book! I met Holly at last year’s Creative Connection in St. Paul, MN. She was one of the guest speakers… :)

  3. Hi. Love your work! I’ve admired you from a far for a while after reading some posts on designsponge. (I promise I’m not a scary decorating stalker.) Just found and started following your blog this week. I’m glad I did :) I own the first book by Holly and am sure would get a lot of the new one as well.

  4. It looks like a beautiful book and I certainly need some help with intentional living. A lot of haphazard living goes on around here! : )

  5. i have holly’s other book and love it! i’m certain this one won’t disappoint! awesome giveaway~

  6. I have followed your blog for years…first of all, congrats on all…the store, your coming book (can’t wait), beautiful transformations…it all! I love my home…I love to paint..I love to decorate with a sense of self, calm, and meaning for others who enter to feel…make sense? Anyway, would love a win…eye candy, inspiration, and helpful hints or advice is always needed…thanks for the chance~

  7. I would love to win a copy of this book. We moved recently (ok, 9 months ago), and I really need some inspiration and guidance on how to finish (ok, start) decorating!

  8. Oh my goodness! I would love that book. I am always looking for new ideas and positive people in my life and it sounds like I should read this book. I follow her blog already, just haven’t purchased the book. Thanks so much!

  9. Oh Barb. You find the most wonderful stuff! This book looks so super cool and I would love to read it.

  10. I just discovered your blog by accident. I love your furniture redos- I just started doing my own and you are a great inspiration.

  11. I love her first book too and have spent many hours gazing at the pages……i would love to have this one too!

  12. I so need this inspiration! Half my home is ‘intentional’ and the other half is the left overs from the first half :)

  13. I am a great fan of you and Holly – your work, your blogs… everything! I can just see myself snuggling up to her book at bedtime and turning my home into a more beautiful place to be!

  14. ooh…what a fun book. we are potentially looking at houses for a move next year, or a redo of what we already have. would love lots of ideas for incorporation!!

  15. This book sounds like a must-have! I just discovered your blog and am having so much fun perusing. :) Thank you for your give-away generosity!

  16. I would love a copy of Holly’s book. I need some new encouragement and motivation.

  17. Going through some redecorating myself, Decorate Workshop would be a great resource. Thanks for giving one away:)

  18. I like the book page u’ve shown here. Will be interesting to see how your house look like!

  19. I was drawn to your blog by your talent for display and it appears that this book may give me many tips to help me showcase my wonderful “stuff.”

  20. Hi Barb, thanks for the opportunity to win Holly’s latest book. I eat, sleep and breathe interior design, and I definitely want to add Decorate Workshop to my collection of design books. My Mum is getting me Decorate for Xmas, and I’m so excited to finally get to devour it! x

  21. My home needs help pulling itself together, its a mess. This book would be wonderful to win. Thanks!

  22. My current housing style can only be summed up by “danger zone” so I’d love all the help I can get to becoming chic, or at least eclectic!

  23. Funny you should tell us about your talk with your husband… Just two weeks ago, I realized that life is too short to populate our homes with stuff we don’t like. I began to sell furniture that I never really liked OR needed. These items are selling to people who REALLY like them and need them. We will live with less and if/when we buy replacements, these items will be comfy, smart, and beautiful.

  24. I adore Holly’s blog and her first book! This new one looks so inspiring. Thanks for sharing :)